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The speech contest is a very exciting and challenging activity. With appropriate help and guidance from the teachers, students will learn how to present ideas in a logical sequence and in effective language, and how to use public speaking techniques to capture the audience. The exciting experience of talking to a large audience from a stage, which may be nerve-racking at first, will certainly help develop students1 confidence. It is also desirable to encourage students to organize speech activities within the class so that all students can benefit.





Level/Scale: S1 - S2 (Junior division)

S3 - S4 (Intermediate division)

S5 - S7 (Senior division)

Time: Preparation - I month

Activity - about 1 hour per division (after school)


Organisation Structure


1 Setting the date of the competition and booking the venue

The English Club or ECA co-ordinator should set the date of the competition and book the school hall in advance, and inform the school technician responsible for sound and lighting facilities about the event.

2 The Organizing Committee

About one month before the competition, the English Club or the teacher-in-charge will

recruit senior form students and form a Speech Contest Organizing Committee.

3 Publicity

This can be done through posters and announcements. Class teachers should also he informed at the same time so that they can help publicise the event. The rules, the date and details of the competition should be announced at the same time.

4 Rules and other information

Please refer to the Information Sheet at the end of the chapter.

5 Preparation for the competition

Junior Division

Intermediate and Senior Divisions

6 Rehearsal and Presentation

Lots are drawn on the rehearsal day to decide on the order of presentation. Rehearsals are important and they should be taken seriously because they provide the with a good opportunity to practise before the event. This can help confidence and overcome the problem of stage fright.

7 Adjudication

We suggest inviting teachers who have not been involved in training and helping the students to be the adjudicators in order to increase the objectivity of the judgement. It is also advisable to invite at least one teacher of other subjects to be the adjudicator,


so that the activity can become a school-wide function, not just a function of the English panel.

The criteria to be used should be announced beforehand, so that the contestants can be better prepared. Students who are not contesting can also be informed of the scoring system and encouraged to decide for themselves who the winners should be. This would make them more involved and enable them to learn from the experience.


Speech Contest Topics