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The Hong Kong Road Safety Association, a voluntary organisation whose primary objective is the promotion of pedestrian safety in Hong Kong, was founded in 1961 by a group of civiv-minded individuals. Initially fundedby donation from the public and commercial firms, RSA gained official government recognition in 1965, receiving an annual subvention which partially neets its administratio expenses. A majar focus for the Association is its Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol(RSP), which was firast formed in 1963. Today the Patrol boasts a membership of 11,407 kindergarten, primary and secondary school students as well as senior citizens from elderly wel ass senior citizens from ederly centeres. Volunteers seve as officers and the Commissioner, who is appointed by RSA's Executive Committee, heads the Patrol.


Our MissionFor the school and the students

We aim at nurturing member’s responsibility through on duty. Members have the accountability to duty during lunch time about ten to fifteen minutes thrice a week. With on duty on time, members are training to be punctual and responsible. Besides on duty, members march in Friday so as to enhance the cohesion of the team. Members are train to be confident.


Our VisionFor the students

Road Safety patrol is a discipline team, members have to join the discipline training.Many people have a little misconception that the team established only for understanding road safety knowledge. In fact, our aim is to train members of the self-discipline through training and services to improve the quality of young people.

Marching and discipline training can help the members understanding teamwork and self-discipline. This is important to improve the quality of young people face to the future.We hope that our students and members can overcome the challenges and the difficulties to become leaders.

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